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Are there any Hacks and Bots for Console Games?
In order to be able to use hacks, you need to be able to run 2 different processes on the same OS: One process being the game, the other being the bot or the hack. The hack then injects code into the game, allowing you to do some really nice stuff like getting aimbots to aim and shoot for you in Call of Duty or Battlefield. In the case of a bot no code is injected, but the program takes control of the imput into the game and reads the process data to be able to farm for you or whatever you want your bot to do.

Now experienced console users will have figured out that it is impossible to actually get your own custom processes to run on XBOX, Playstation or other consoles like the Wii. – These consoles do not have an OS that would allow you to install custom software, so using hacks and bots is all but impossible for the average person. I guess it would probably be possible by hacking the console OS, programming a custom script to work with the console and then implementing that into the OS somehow, forcing the console to start it every time it runs… But let’s just say that no one will ever go through that much trouble, since they can just buy a PC and have the same privilege. Plus better controls (jk)!

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About Cheating and Consoles
If you are buying a console, you are buying a complete and sealed package that cannot be changed. Beyond that obligatory firmware and software updates from Sony or Microsoft (or Nintendo), nothing will ever change about your console, eliminating any chance of you hacking anything. “Hacking” in computer terms means to change the way a program (game) works, but the concept of buying a console goes directly against that by limiting you in how much you can actually change about your system. In the case of the XBOX, Playstation or Wii that limitation is quite significant: You cannot change anything when it comes to software and also nothing when it comes to software. – So basically if you want to cheat in games using hacks or bots, get yourself a platform that allows you to customize.

Most popular Platform gets all the Hacks
Now obviously when it comes to customization the PC is by far the leading gaming platform: You can change just about anything in terms of hardware and software. The second thing you need is a community that actually produces hacks. So we need a lot of people using the customizable platform to play games and we need a medium, like the internet, to connect them. Now in the PC crowd we got Windows people, Apple people and Linux people: Gaming is mostly done on Windows and that is where your game hacks are.

Hacks and Bots Cheating and Consoles DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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Hacks and Bots Cheating and Consoles DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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